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Tablet Computers: The Modern Day Pacifiers

Over 50 per cent of parents with a tablet computer use their devices to lull or occupy their kids while travelling, whereas another 41 per cent do the same while dining in restaurants, claimed a new study carried out by the market research outfit Nielsen.

According to the study, 70 per cent kids from all tablet owning households were using their devices for various purposes, gaming being the most common activity. Nielsen stated that while 77 per cent of the underage tablet users were using tablet devices mainly for gaming, a total of 57 per cent were using those for educational purposes.

Apart from that, almost 43 per cent kids were using the devices to watch movies and TC shows, with just 15 per cent kid surveyed were using it for communicating with friends and families.

The new Nielsen survey falls in the same line as a previous study by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster that concluded that within 5 years, tablet devices will be outnumbering PCs in schools. The study carried by Gene Muster included an extensive survey conducted on 25 schools, and interestingly, all of them were planning to introduce iPads as a learning platform in their institutions.

[Source: Neilsen]