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26% Doctors in Europe Own Apple iPad, Accounting for 27% of Professional Online Time

According to a recent study published by Manhattan Research, over a quarter of European doctors have an Apple tablet, while 40% of the polled physicians plan to buy an iPad within the next six months.

The study was based on a survey of 1,207 doctors from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The research also aimed at estimating the time spent online by doctors for professional purposes and what device they tend to favour while surfing the net.

On this matter, the survey revealed that desktops and laptops are the most used devices (among those owning an iPad) with 55% and iPads account for 27% of professional internet use. Smartphones are well behind with 18% but are likely to grow in popularity more in the future, Apple Insider reports.

However, iPads are showing the fastest rising trend, as Manhattan Research principal analyst Christina Anthogalidis explains. "We discovered that iPad-owning physicians spend an impressive 27 per cent of their professional online time on the device, likely replacing desktop time and probably some offline media time too," Anthogalidis said.

"Use of these devices at the point-of-care to educate patients and manage records is also promising at this stage," she added.

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