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Court Rules in Favour of Apple in Motorola Slide-to-Unlock Patent Suit

Apple has defeated Motorola Mobility on a patent dispute over "slide-to-unlock" feature present on smartphones. With this ruling Apple ensured its first ever patent win over Motorola Mobility.

Apple's win might affect various disputes that involves Android smartphone makers all over the world. Motorola stated that this ruling will not have any impact on their supply as well as future sales. The company mentioned that, "Motorola has implemented a new design for the feature. Therefore, we expect no impact on current supply or future sales." reported BBC.

Motorola spokeswoman said, "Today's ruling in the patent litigation brought by Apple in Munich, Germany, concerns a software feature related to phone unlocking in select Motorola devices sold in Germany."

The court verdict enables the fruity company to ban Motorola from producing or selling the affected products and demand damages. The court has however left the appeal option for Motorola open which would be a welcome option for Motorola.

Apple's win in this appeal would definitely up its ante in the battle against Samsung in Germany as well as other courts across the globe.