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ONR Official Loses 'Radioactive' USB

New reports have revealed that a USB stick containing some crucial nuclear power plant data was lost by an official in north-east England.

According to a BBC News report, the memory stick was not even encrypted and that it contained the safety assessments of the Hartlepool plant. The official responsible for this goof up belonged to the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

The ONR tried to down play the incident by stating that the contents of the USB pen drive were not sensitive. It also stated that an internal investment was authorized to look into the matter.

Apparently, a series of "stress tests" were conducted at all European power plants after the disastrous Japanese earthquake that badly damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

ONR tried to assure the authorities saying that the detailed reports covering these stress-tests were supposed to be (or already have been) published in the public domain anyway and hence the blunder could not be termed as something with potentially harmful consequences.

"The reports on the [ONR] website have slight differences to the full technical versions in that some of the technical language has been simplified to avoid misinterpretation of the information, and more detailed data like site layouts has been removed," an ONR spokeswoman revealed.