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Wikipedia, Twitter Typosquatting Websites Shut, Fined £100,000 each

Two websites which posed themselves as Wikipedia and micro blogging website Twitter have been taken down from the internet and also have been fined £100,000 ($156,000) each.

UK regulatory body, PhonepayPlus, booted both these websites and stated on their official website: "In both cases, the landing pages for the ‘squatted' sites looked like the genuine sites the consumer was searching for - the ‘squatted' sites used the same logos, colouring and fonts."

At present there are companies that works behind typosquatting websites and they capitalize on typos. These companies register those domain names which are similar to popular and highly trafficked websites. Usually, these Typosquatting websites has a letter missing or uses misspellings of the highly accessed websites. These websites tricks the unsuspected innocent users to click on fake ads that claims various lucrative deals and offers.

In case of the above websites, the website offered to gift lucrative things like iPad and asked users to give their phone numbers. There after the sites started sending SMS along with a pin and SMS with questions related to survey. In case, the user decides to revert back, every message is charged £1.50, reported Mashable.