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Anonymous Promises Weekly Hacktivist Action

Hacktivist group Anonymous has announced that every Friday from now on will be known as #FFF (Fuck FBI Friday) and will feature an attack from the Antisec proponents.

"We are already sitting on dozens of unreleased targets," said the anonymous spokesperson in an interview with Wired. "Yes, each and every Friday we will be launching attacks... with the specific purpose of wiping as many corrupt corporate and government systems off our internet."

This is the echo of a promise/warning made during the most recent Anonymous hack which took down several US government websites last Friday. In their place, the anons placed a message that hinted at dire consequences if the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was signed. Presumably waiting until the outcome of that bill is decided later this year was just too long.

However defacements and DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks are only two armaments in the hacktivist arsenal. According to postings on hacked sites, official Twitter accounts and indeed this most recent interview, the collective has much bigger plans. There have been hints that the Guy Fawks mask wearers out there have hoarded damning information on not only large corporations but their employees as well - including high up executives and business owners.

Passwords, usernames, credit histories, dating information, browsing habits, personal emails and more have apparently been compromised by Anonymous, with the movement promising to bring these details to light in the coming months.

"It's more than just delivering a message or speaking truth to power... we are trying to disrupt their ability to operate and do business or exist at all on the internet," one of the anons said.

While there has always been an internet vigilante arm of Anonymous, the Antisec movement is what began drawing real attention to the attacks. Designed to highlight the poor state of security at many firms that hold public data, it seems ironic almost. Anonymous - a collective that has never claimed to be particularly gifted in hacking skill - gave plenty of warning.

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