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Apple iPad 3 to have A5X Processor rather than Quad-core A6?

With the launch event just around the corner, a new leaked image suggests that the hardware at the heart of the iPad 3 might not be what most people have been expecting.

Apparently, as MacRumors reports, the third generation tablet from Apple is going to feature a mysterious A5X CPU on its logic board.

Judging by the leaked picture that was published on Chinese tech website WeiPhone, the next generation Apple tablet will not sport the rumoured A6 processor but an enhanced version of the A5 chip that powers the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Assuming Apple hasn't developed the next generation of processors worthy of the A6 name, we can possibly put behind us the hope of getting a quad-core processor with the next generation iPad, despite previous rumours.

An upgraded A5 CPU, as opposed to an A6, would correspond with the processor part numbers leaked by BGR earlier this month; S5L8930X represents the A4 and the A5 is numbered as the S5L8940X, while the new iPad processor is listed as S5L8945X (an increment of 5 rather than 10).

Of course, it cannot be verified whether this new leaked picture of the iPad 3 logic board, as well as the earlier BGR leak, are genuine or not. However, there should only be a couple of weeks before we're all aware of the tablet's specifications, with March 7th the strongly rumoured release date for iPad 3 (if that's going to be its name).

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