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Foxconn to Hike Workers’ Salaries

Foxconn was recently subject to severe criticism for allegedly forcing its workers to work in inhumane conditions and that too under bare minimum wages. It seems like all those criticisms from human rights groups are finally bearing their fruits.

The company announced on Saturday that it is introducing a 16 to 25 per cent hike in its assembly line workers' salaries. Illustrating the move, Foxconn further stated that the monthly wages of workers in Shenzhen manufacturing base will be increased to somewhere between $350 (2200 yuan) and $398 (2500 yuan).

Prior to this hike the monthly wages of the workers in the Shenzhen manufacturing base were 1800 yuan. However, despite these corrective measures taken by the Apple supplier, Debby Chan of Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior - a labor rights watchdog, stated that the monthly wages of Foxconn workers were still pretty low. According to Chan, the average monthly salary for a new joinee at Foxconn is 1,350 yuan.

"After the wage increase, it will be 1650 yuan," she said. "I think Foxconn is playing with the number," Chan claimed, as reported by PC World.

Foxconn happens to be one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world, boasting tie ups with companies like Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Dell. However, in recent months, the company has been repeatedly criticised for allegedly forcing its employees to work under rather harsh conditions.