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Google Says Third Damages Report In Oracle Case Flawed

Google has demanded that a third damages report from an Oracle expert for a lawsuit involving Android mobile operating system platform should be discarded.

Last week, Google argued that previous damages reports are "riddled with fatal errors" in a filing in US District Court for Northern District of California.

Back in August 2010, Oracle filed a suit against Google in which they claimed that its mobile operating system, Android, violates patents and copyrights rights Oracle possess on Java.

Google rejected these accusations stating that Android employs the "clean room" Java version which does not violate any Oracle rights.

The court rejected earlier two damages reports submitted by Oracle's expert and Boston University Professor Iain Cockburn stating that his reports are "overreached".

In addition, Judge William Alsup mentioned that he will not be setting a trial date until an "acceptable damages report" has been submitted, reported Tech World.

In the earlier two reports, Cockburn estimated that Google owed Oracle $6.1 billion in the first report and in the second report he claimed the amount to be somewhere between $52.4 million to $169 million; both of which, Google claims, were "legally improper" proposals for calculating damages.

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