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Leaked Images of iPad 3 Casing Show 8MP Camera?

The closer we get to the release date of the third generation iPad, the more frantically the rumour mill is spinning; the latest buzz on tech websites comes from a couple of leaked pictures that reveal iPad 3 has a larger camera sensor.

The pictures, that reached the Asian media through "special channels", also point towards a slightly redesigned casing, Apple Insider reports.

According to Apple Daily, who first published the high quality pictures purportedly showing the iPad 3, the upcoming Apple tablet will definitely sport a larger rear-facing camera. The Taiwanese publication suggests the iPad 3 will have an 8MP sensor which would be a very welcome upgrade in comparison to the much-criticised 1MP camera found in the iPad 2.

Some previous leaked pictures of an 'iPad 3 prototype' showed a similar size camera hole to that on the iPad 2, but with a difference in the way the camera sensor was mounted.

And maybe some bad news for any case makers who have already started production of iPad 3 cases in order to get ahead of the competition, the new pictures reveal the third generation tablet may has more tapered edges than the previous model.

purported iPad 3 casing, images from Apple Daily

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