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London Ambulance Service Dropped Emergency Calls because of System Glitch

The London Ambulance Service has admitted that a technical glitch in its control room resulted in the loss of as many as 71 999 emergency calls during the month of October last year.

Reports about this technical snafu surfaced in the media prompting the LAS to release a press statement and confirm the validity of these reports.

They added that the emergency calls were missed after a handful of displays powered by their in-house CTAK system stopped working due to a glitch.

CTAK systems were brought in by the LAS a couple of decades back in 1992. However, there was an attempt last year in June to replace the CTAK systems with Northrop Grumman's CommandPoint software.

However, the upgrade process was disrupted by a system crash, forcing the service to downgrade to CTAK again.

"The issue was immediately identified by staff, and after 25 minutes was resolved by our technical team, who were able to account for all the 999 calls in the system," said a spokesperson from the National Ambulance Service.

The spokesperson went on assuring that a clinical review of the missed calls established that none of the patients were in life threatening conditions.