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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gatekeeper to Keep Malware at Bay

Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion from Apple will be equipped with a new Gatekeeper feature that will prohibit execution of malware thus ensuring better system protection.

Apple stated, "While malware is one of the biggest security challenges on personal computers, it's hardly an issue on a Mac." Further, the post states, "Apple is working hard to see that it won't be".

The modus operandi of the new feature is pretty simple for latest applications. Now, each one of Apple developers will either have to go through Apple's vetting process or register for a developer account. Once registered, they will be issued with a digital certificate that will allow them to "sign" new apps.

If it is detected that the developer has been released malicious apps, Apple will revoke the certificate ensuring that the developers' applications won't be trusted anymore and that for the publisher to get into the trust ring of Apple, they will have to prove their trust worthiness and apply for a new certificate.

With the release of this software the Cupertino based tech giant has in a way accepted the fact that malware may exist on the well protected Mac systems.