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Rumour: Barnes and Noble Readying 8GB Tablet

Rumours are circulating that Barnes and Noble could be readying an 8GB variant of its Nook tablet/eReader to help it stay competitive with Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The rumour originated on The Verge, which has a photograph of "documentation" that shows a planned release of an 8GB Nook tablet. Set for launch on the 22nd of February, the new version has specific "supplier allocation" according to the image.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now since there isn't much beyond the picture to back this rumour up. No mention of where this image came from, though we can assume from the mention of "Your store" that this is perhaps an independent stockist that is due to receive a small quantity of the tablet via larger retailers.

Whether it does begin offering an 8GB version of the Nook or not though, the real problem Barnes and Noble faces is pricing. As it stands, the 8GB Kindle Fire can be found in the UK for between £160 and £170 depending on the retailer. The Nook on the other hand, while offering 16GB of internal storage is over £200 at most outlets. If an 8GB Nook does surface, it will need to be priced competitively.

Of course there's the 8GB Nook Color to consider as that's cheaper than both options.

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