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Android Beats iOS in Terms of Smartphone OS Popularity in UK

Android has secured the top spot in the UK's most used smartphone OS chart with other key players in the market such as iOS and Windows Phone lagging far behind, according to a new study.

The study was conducted by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech and according to its findings Android has managed to secure a whopping 36.9 per cent share out of UK's smartphone installed base. The study included an extensive survey carried throughout the country in 4 weeks till January 23 this year.

While Android topped the chart, Apple's iOS platform had to be content at the second spot with 28.5 per cent stake in the country's smartphone user base.

And, when it came to market share, Android secured just under 50 per cent stake in the UK's smartphone arena, while Apple's market share stood at somewhere around the 30 per cent mark. The third spot was secured by RIM with 15 per cent. The other platforms including Microsoft's WP and Nokia's Symbian divided the rest of the 6 per cent amongst themselves.

The study also claimed that over half of the UK's total population (50.3 per cent) were now in possession of a smartphone.

[Source: The Guardian]