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Foxconn Could Begin Production of Kindle Fire Tablets

Ignoring the human rights issues surrounding the electronics fabricator, Amazon looks set to have Foxconn produce its Kindle Fire tablets.

While Apple might not necessarily be thrilled that one of its suppliers is producing a competitor's products, Digitimes is reporting that Foxconn has received orders for the 10 inch Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon with shipments set to begin in Q2 of this year.

The speculation at this point really centres around why Amazon would pick a second supplier, considering it already has Quanta Computer putting together the Kindle inspired tablet PC. Some suggest reasons are unfavourable price negotiations, or unprecedented sales numbers. The latter is certainly possible since Amazon managed to shift almost four million Kindle Fire tablets in the last quarter of 2011.

Whatever the reason though, Amazon certainly picked a risky prospect when it comes to public relations. Both the retail giant and Foxconn have been embroiled in labour scandals and human rights violation claims in recent months. It's been said that the online retail giant works its warehouse employees on increasingly long shifts in sweltering conditions - causing some to pass out and require medical attention - while the electronics manufacturer has been under the gun due to worker suicides and a Fair Labour Association investigation.

Perhaps these two coming together will bring an end to these sorts of reports? Or it could be a case that neither of the firm's executives care and are simply looking for a sound business relationship.

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