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Google Latitude Update Targets Foursquare

The latest update of Google Maps for Android now comes with a new feature called "points for Latitude checkins".

However, when the update was launched on Wednesday, the company did not mention anything about it.

But, once the update is downloaded, a leaderboard appears that displays the points the user earned and also how well the user is doing as compared to others in his circle, akin to Foursquare's core feature.

This new updated app comes with fully-featured leaderboard that allows sorting high scores by week or all time. However, it only shows itself up after clicking on the "show more" button option.

In fact, the updated Google Support pages available for Latitude discloses that it will have "status levels" like regular, visitor, VIP and also guru to rate how many times one visited a particular venue, reported The Verge.

Google might partner with businesses as well and provide specific check in deals and also business owners will be able to customise status level icons along with names of the customers at their specific stores; none of them were live at the time of writing.

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