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IBM is largest Employer of PhD Mathematicians Claims Steve Mills

International Business Machine (IBM) announced on a proud note last week that it was the largest employer of PhD mathematician. According to the company, it was Big Data, as well as the requirement for analyzing the data collected from every single sensor and interface imaginable that was fuelling the growing demand for scholars with mathematics and statistics background.

The claim was made by none other than IBM's senior vice president Steve Mills himself while addressing the attendees at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on IT trends including Big Data.

"We are the largest employer of PhD mathematicians of any company in the world," said Steve Mills, reports Computer World.

During his speech Mills particularly emphasised on the need to come up with valuable data out of all available big data. Mills also stated that the company was ready to carry out analytic operations for a power grid, a transportation system as well as a water supply company.

Meanwhile, renowned professor of mathematics at Bentley University in Waltham, Richard Cleary also stated that the growing demand for scholars with sound skills in Big Data analysis was clearly making a huge difference.