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Intel To Integrate Wi-Fi Into Mobile Chips

Intel has showcased a new prototype called Rosepoint that may well be the blueprint of future system on chips and processors built by the semiconductor giant.

Wired reports that Intel engineers have been able to place a digital 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio on a chip next to an Atom processor although we're pretty sure that it is not on the same die.

Integrating both parts comes with its own sets of challenges but Intel, which has one of the biggest research and development budgets in the industry, has come up with some new techniques to make sure that Wi-Fi signals do not mess around with CPU.

There are obvious advantages to integrating both Wi-FI and the CPU onto one physical chip. Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner says that it will improve power efficiency and bring superior signal quality.

This means better battery life but also a reduction in the size of components which reduces the costs and complexity as well as the time to market. Integration could also mean smaller, lighter phones.

Intel has yet to say when the first chips with built in Wi-Fi will hit the market but none of the roadmaps leaked has any signs of them.