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Late News: Grooveshark May be Blocked, Windows 8 SkyDrive App, Foxconn to Produce Kindle Fire Tablets?

Copyright holders have won a court case in Denmark, giving them the right to force an internet service provider (ISP) to block the music streaming website Grooveshark. Continuing the European trend of music site take downs - RnBXclusive being the big story in the UK in the past few days - it looks like Grooveshark might not have much life left in it, with telecoms company '3' being pressured and somewhat threatened into blocking the service.

Should Microsoft rumours prove true, then their recent claims of Google secretly overriding users' privacy settings in the Internet Explorer browser could cause shockwaves across the Internet. Monday saw Microsoft's corporate Vice President for Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch, make such accusations via a blog post.

Ignoring the human rights issues surrounding the electronics fabricator, Amazon looks set to have Foxconn produce its Kindle Fire tablets. While Apple might not necessarily be thrilled that one of its suppliers is producing a competitor's products, Digitimes is reporting that Foxconn has received orders for the 10 inch Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon with shipments set to begin in Q2 of this year.

Microsoft's SkyDrive will get Metro-style app with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system platform. The app will be equipped with the ability to import remote files from the internet. The Windows 8 maker revealed this information via a post on the official Building Windows 8 blog.

A group of researchers at Georgia Tech has developed an app, designed for helping out blind people to write and read text messages using touch screen mobile devices. The researchers claim that the new app allows users to type up to 6 times faster than all other available techniques designed for enabling texting without sight.