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Nearly A Quarter Of UK Businesses To Have Flexible Work During London Olympics

A new study conducted by networking hardware maker Cisco Systems claims that 22 percent of UK's businesses are planning to embrace flexible working hours during the coming London 2012 Olympics.

The Cisco research included an extensive survey conducted in a couple of hundred SMEs, and it concluded that almost 50 percent of the organisations surveyed were not yet fully prepared for the Games.

The study further stated that 14 percent of the respondents thought that they needed to come up with a better plan to motivate their employees, whereas 22 percent of them believed that during the Games they would be left with a lower staff count than usual.

Even more worrying is that almost 41 percent of the respondents admitted they had not thought about any backup plan yet in case there were any disruptions in their daily operations due to London 2012 Olympics.

"London 2012 can offer many opportunities for UK SMEs, but only if they have the correct business strategy in place," Neil Crockett, managing director at Cisco London 2012 said in a statement.

The London 2012 Olympics are set to start on the 27th of July and will be the first games to be broadcasted in 3D.

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