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Nintendo 3DS Paves Way For Portable Gaming Devices

It's been reported that the total sales for the Nintendo 3DS has amounted to 5 million units in Japan alone - faster than any other console on sale within the Asian market. Initially, the gaming console was struggling so badly in the market that the company had to drop its price, however, since taking steps to cut its prices the measure has since paid off.

The 3DS took 52 weeks to achieve the 5 million milestone, whereas the original DS took 56 weeks to reach this target with the Game Boy Advance taking approximately 58 weeks.

The games consoles market has witnessed a downfall of late due to the stiff competition coming from the new-generation devices such as smartphones and tablet. The initial performance of the 3DS also proved that the gaming market is facing some rather tough times and many sources even pronounced the death of this platform before being introduced to the market.

However, just because 5 million units were sold it does not necessarily guarantee the 3DS a solid victory. Whilst it has helped themselves achieve great success, it has also given hope to the likes of Sony, Nintendo as well as third party developers believing that given the right price along with desirable software there will still be demand for portable gaming devices, reported 1 Up.

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