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Pakistani Airforce Releases Its Own Tablet Called PACPAD

The Pakistani military has released its first tablet called the PACPAD or Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAD, in a bid to "strengthen National Economy Through Commercialization," according to a report by AP.

Unsurprisingly though, the PACPAD is built in China courtesy of a company called Innavtek. The tablet is not the first electronics device designed in Pakistan.

The PAC engineers have been busy enough to build and design laptops and ebooks.

As for the technical specifications of the PACPAD, they won't rival the Panasonic Toughbook tablets and won't keep Apple's Tim Cook up at night.

There's a 7-inch WVGA capacitive display, a single core ARM11-based SoC clocked at 1GHz, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Wi-Fi, HDMI out, up to 10 hours music and around five hours battery life playing videos, and a design we've seen time and time again.

That said, only a few hundred tablets have been released so far, but the chaps behind the venture say that a fresh batch will be released over the next few months.

One has to wonder whether the sudden interest from the Pakistani military in tablets does not stem from India's own tablet project called the Aakash, which is set to launch soon as well.

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