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Skobbler Withdraws Navigation App from Android Market

Skobbler - the parent company of the massively popular application GPS Navigation 2 for iOS has confirmed that it is removing the free Skobbler Navigation app from the Android Market.

The iOS version of the navigation app in offering from the company already has more than 1.5 million fans throughout the world, and in addition, the app also made its way to the top in the Navigation apps-charts across 9 countries.

It seems, though, the company is not too sure about its abilities to repeat that immense success on Google's Android platform.

Marcus Theilking, co-founder of Skobbler said that the move was a "strategic one", and "Despite the increasing popularity of Android devices and the Android market, our significant success with Apple's model and the difficulty in mapping this directly to Android left us with a decision to make in order to maintain the high quality of our software," reports GIS User.

Skobbler also stated that it has every intention of prioritising the consumer products for the iOS market while still remaining pretty much active in the Android Market by launching apps on behalf of third parties on a regular basis.