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UK Government To Monitor Facebook And Twitter Without ISP Consent

Recent reports suggest that the UK government will be going ahead with its proposed plans of storing and monitoring Facebook, Twitter as well as other personal communication data over the Web without first consulting the country's ISPs (internet service providers).

The revelation was made by an ISP representative group, and whilst the matter of proposed monitoring of social media platforms was supposed to be handled by the UK's ISPS, the government seemed to not be in the least interested in sharing its plans with them.

If and when this new policy is enforced, police and intelligence services will be allowed to track and record the conversations of those participating in the various virtual platforms including social media sites, online gaming sites, instant messaging services as well as many others.

"It is important that proposals to update government's capabilities to intercept and retain communications data in the new communications environment are proportionate, respect freedom of expression and the privacy of users, and are widely consulted upon in an open and transparent manner," the Internet Service Providers Association stated on Monday, as reported by ZDNet.

Meanwhile, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire, assured the nation's netizens by saying that the government was indeed "committed to a free and open Internet".

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