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UK Set to Update Weather Prediction Supercomputers

The UK could be set to upgrade its weather prediction supercomputers after a group of members of the parliament expressed interest in improving long range forecasting.

Titling themselves the Commons Science and Technology Committee, the small collective concluded after looking at a 2010 report, that current weather forecasting was being held back due to insufficient supercomputing power. It also noted that public opinion of current predictions was low, something the committee wished to improve.

Chairman of the group Andrew Miller, took time to commend current efforts however, saying that there were other improvements to be made as well as extending forecasting: "The Met Office is consistently placed in the top three centres in the world for weather prediction, but accurate forecasts are of little use if they are not communicated well and understood by the public."

Jumping on the recommendation, the Met office was quick to back it up, saying that if the investment was made, the government would see a speedy return on it. Wired has it that the Royal Meteorological Society also said faster supercomputers would have "enormous" economic benefits, by avoiding problems during extreme weather conditions thereby having more time to plan for emergency situations.

'Whether' the UK gets more accurate and longer term predictions or not though, I can't see the people reacting any better to it. If its hot people complain, if its snows people can't drive for some reason. I think the British people just enjoy moaning about the weather. Good luck changing that with extra computing power.

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