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Amazon Stops Selling Whale Meat

Amazon has caved in to international pressure and has removed over 147 different products from its Japanese language retail site - because they all contained whale.

The controversy began back in December when the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) found nearly 150 products on that used whale products - including some from endangered species. Today however those products can no longer be found, seemingly because of mounting derision from international users and organisations.

Japan has always been known for having a strange fascination with consuming whale products, long after the rest of world decreed it as unlawful. However, the slaughter and consumption of whale meat and related items has continued in secret and as part of Japan's controversial research program that claims it needs dead whales in order to perform experiments and control populations.

The amazing thing about it is that due to both Whales and Dolphins being high in the food chain, the mercury levels of the meat are usually through the roof, making it very unhealthy. The documentary The Cove, released in 2009, highlighted the often use of the flesh as a bulking agent for other meats - sometimes in school food.

It's not like Japan has a significant reason to dislike whales and dolphins anyway. We all know their real enemies are chicken and cows.

Source: SMH

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