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Apache 2.4 Finally Released After Six Years In The Making

According to the president of Apache Software Foundation, Jim Jagielski, Apache 2.4 will be putting a tremendous amount of effort into managing their web servers over the next few days. Whilst the development process of Apache 2.4 took six long years, the end product apparently seems to be worth the prolonged wait die-hard fans had to endure.

The new release brings along a number of performance enhancements as well as a range of new features to make Apache HTTP Server better suited to cloud environments.

The president stated that there was "lots of starts and stops" during the cycle of Apache 2.4 and explained: "We took our time, we wanted to make sure it's as good as possible and as up to date as possible." reported Read Write Web.

Apache 2.4 is the much-awaited major release following the Apache 2.2 series that was launched in the December 2005.

As well as its added performance enhancement and improved memory functionality, this new version will also offer new modules, including everything right from Lua language in Apache to rate limiting for its clients.

Although the duration of six years is a considerably long time to work on the many developments in the new Apache 2.4, they are hopeful that the changes and improvements will be warmly received and utilised by customers as well as businesses.

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