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Apple Issues Threat to Proview in iPad Trademark Case

The legal battle between the world's largest tech company and a bankrupt Chinese firm is getting more intriguing by the week.

Apple is fighting for the right to the iPad trademark in China, which Proview Technology argues it holds the right to; the american company claims to have acquired the trademark from a subsidiary of Proview years ago. Figures as high as $1.6 billion have been mentioned in terms of a possible payout to the Chinese firm.

After a court ruling favourable to Proview hit Apple quite hard, the US company has decided to take a different approach and is threatening to sue Proview for defamation.

Following the earlier ruling, certain local authorities confiscated Apple 'iPads' and retail chains were banned from selling the tablet PCs. However, Apple's attorneys insist that the company bought the iPad trademark in 2006 and have appealed this decision with a hearing just getting underway.

Meanwhile, Apple's attorneys sent a very strong letter to Proview founder Yang Rongshan complaining about the 'misleading information' sent to the media during the legal confrontation.

"It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple's reputation," Apple's lawyers wrote.

The letter further suggests that Apple will take legal action to prevent damaging the company's image and "unlawful actions intended to wrongfully interfere with Apple's business and business relationships."

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