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Apple to Offer iPhone 4S on China Telecom from March 9th

The second carrier to offer the highly-praised iPhone 4S to its subscribers in the world's most populous country will be China Telecom.

Apple has managed to close a deal with the carrier and increases its ability to tap the potential of the largest market in the world, Bloomberg reports.

The news comes two months after the Cupertino based company was forced to temporarily halt sales at Apple Stores in Shanghai and Beijing, due to angry crowds unable to get their hands on the latest iPhone, some even pelting the Apple Store with eggs.

The reportedly tough negotiations with China Telecom to expand the iPhone's availability did stall along the way, but now Apple has a new chance to grow on the Chinese market.

The number of Apple fans who can get the latest iPhone at a subsidised price is almost double. Three weeks from now, on March 9th, China Telecom customers can get a 16 GB model of Apple's high-end smartphone without paying any upfront fee, provided they agree to a two-year contract and a monthly cost of 389 yuan ($62).

There is also the option of a three-year contract which will lower the price for the service plan required to acquire an iPhone. Apple's iPhones are presently available on the Chinese market through Apple's online store, resellers and China Unicom.

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