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Apple Planning to Build Largest Private Solar Panel Farm in US

Apple has disclosed its plans to come up with a massive, yet environment friendly 20 watt solar array in its North Carolina data centre.

According to the company, the new, one-of-its-kind facility has been designed in order to meet the high energy requirements of the data centre in a totally environment friendly manner. It will be covering a huge 100 acre area, and will be capable enough to supply 42 million kWh of renewable and clean energy per year.

However, the company refrained from disclosing how much capital it is investing on the project, and neither did it reveal the time frame within which the new facility is expected to become fully operational.

The iPhone maker is also working on a new 5 megawatt fuel cell installation, likely to turn fully operational later in the year. Apple claims, this is going to emerge as the "largest non-utility fuel cell installation operating anywhere in the country," as reported by Mashable.

The new facility also includes variable fan speed in order to ensure that the air-flow stays in sync with the actual cooling requirement of the server. The roof-top has been painted white so as to ensure the maximum possible solar reflectivity.