Breaking : DSGi To Launch VoD Rival To Netflix, Lovefilm On 28th February

DSGi, the powerhouse behind Currys, PC World, Dixons and Pixmania, will launch its new on-demand movie and TV streaming service, known as Knowhowmovies, in London on the 28th of February.

The company pegs the service as one which requires no subscription and caters for an audience interested in Movies and TV on demand.

We suspect that it might therefore be a hybrid platform that combines the functionalities of a site like and

The placeholder on the soon-to-be-active Knowhowmovies website says users will be able to download or stream movies and TV, and will be able to watch the content "on the train" presumably either on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, before resuming it when you reach home, possibly on a bigger screen.

That said, given that Netflix is only £5.99 per month for unlimited streaming and Lovefilm costs even less at £4.99, DSGi will have to come up with a competitive offer in order to gain significant shares in the VoD market.

It is more than likely that DSGi is using a white labelled third party to power Currys Downloads for example is powered by ZTORM while Knowhow's own app centre is powered by Intel's AppUp.