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Breaking : Panda Security To Partner With Microsoft On Cloud-based Antivirus Services

Panda Security has teamed up with Microsoft to develop cloud-based antivirus security services based on Microsoft's own platform, Windows Azure, one more step away from desktop-bound security solutions towards SaaS ones.

The first product based on the partnership is Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.0, which is currently in beta and can be downloaded here.

The security company, which has remodelled itself as a Cloud Security one, says that it decided to migrate to Windows Azure in order to manage an even larger number of computers while rolling out the service to new territories and maintaining maximum uptime.

Panda Security says Windows Azure reduces the time it requires to deploy a new product version, cuts down operating and maintenance costs by nearly a third, enhances user-perceived application performance and improves certification and quality assurance processes.

The sixth version of Panda Cloud Office Protection allows devices (PCs, Servers and corporate laptops) to be managed remotely from anywhere through its web-based console and includes the ability to block dangerous malware activity.

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