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Canonical Brings Ubuntu for Android

UK based software company Canonical has rolled out a new offering called Ubuntu for Android with the vision of introducing the immensely popular Linux distribution in a range of higher end Android smartphones.

The company claims that Ubuntu for Android provides users a full-fledged Ubuntu desktop experience which they can install in their handsets along with the existing default Android environment.

Canonical further stated that the new offering will enable users to run Ubuntu right from their phones when they plug-in the device to a dock which further connects it to a monitor and a keyboard. Apart from that, Ubuntu for Android will also be capable of using the host device's data connectivity, including 3G and 4G networks.

"Carry just the phone, and connect it to any monitor to get a full Ubuntu desktop with all the native apps you want, running on the same device at the same time as Android. Magic," Mark Shuttleworth- the founder of Canonical stated in a blog post.

"Everything important is shared across the desktop and the phone in real time," he added.

It is worth noting here that the new offering is totally different from the Ubuntu mobile OS that Canonical is planning to dish out some time in 2014.