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eBay Acquire WHI Solutions E-Catalogue

Online shopping portal eBay has announced that it will be going ahead with the proposed acquisition of WHI Solutions, a New York based software and digital catalogue solutions provider.

WHI Solutions provides an extensive e-catalogue consisting of electronic hardware for automobiles as well as service dealer data for more than 39,000 vehicles in North America. eBay had earlier struck a deal with the company to access millions of parts via WHI's ecommerce division ‘Nexpart'.

According to the company, the new deal will help immensely in gaining access to a much wider structured source of data in order "to improve parts selection and value for customers while enabling parts retailers, distributors, dealers, and manufacturers to reach more customers," as reported by Auction Bytes.

The founder and chief technology officer of Zoovy, Brian Horkah, explained that it was highly unlikely that eBay agreed the deal solely for the purpose of acquiring the entire WHI directory.

"It's cheaper for eBay to buy it's way into industries like automotive dealer networks than try to build that on it's own - especially if the business is profitable in its own right," Horkah stated/