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Facebook Profiles Give Away Professional Ability Clues: Study

A new research conducted by the University of Evansville, Illinois University and the Auburn University has revealed how your Facebook profile can provide vital clues to your employer regarding your ability to deliver as a professional.

The researchers asked a professor and two university students to have a look at the Facebook profiles of 56 employed students for about 10 minutes. Subsequently, the different information stored in their profiles such as interests, friends, pictures as well as comments were considered and a basic overview of the students' various aspects relating to their professional lives was made.

Almost half-a-year later, the results of the study were compared to the employee-evaluations prepared by the students' respective employers. The researchers managed to establish a strong connection between the students' job performance and the scores they made during the study.

"A lot of actions are taken based on Facebook profiles - people are hired, fired, suspended - but this is the first study to systematically examine whether using Facebook to help make such decisions has any validity," Don Kluemper- assistant professor and lead author of the study said, as reported by The Globe and Mail.