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Facebook's New Ad Policy Available February 29

Facebook could be on its way to launching an update of its existing premium ad programme as soon as next week, say sources.

The report first broke out on the Giga Om website, which managed to secure a leaked document that highlighted the proposed changes to be introduced by the social media giant.

Facebook is yet to come up with an official statement on the issue.

According to the leaked document, the new ad policy is likely to be implemented from February 29 onwards, and that the new premium ad programme will see advertisements being pushed to the friends of the advertisers' fans.

"Anything you can post to on your page, you can turn into an ad. Upgraded ads can be targeted to anyone you want," read the leaked document.

Facebook assured advertisers that the new ads would be flaunting a larger format in addition to increasing retention by approximately 80 per cent, as well as beefing up engagement by somewhere around 40 per cent.

The new ad formats will also be allowed to contain images, questions, videos, events, status and even links.