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Fujitsu To Enter European Mobile Market

Japan based IT service provider Fujitsu is planning to enter the European mobile device market by rolling out a handful of smartphones and tablet computers in the months to come, suggest new reports.

Fujitsu already enjoys a sound presence in the Japanese mobile sector, controlling approximately 20 per cent of the market. However, it appears as though the company wants to move out of its home turf and challenge dominant global players such as Apple Inc. and Samsung in the competitive European market.

Experts claim that despite sporting all the necessary experience and expertise, Fujitsu's journey into the European mobile market may not be as smooth as they had first hoped. It is important to note that the Japanese handset makers are often seen struggling to make a mark in the overseas market due to their rigid approach focused primarily on the domestic market.

"The push into the European smartphone market makes sense given the limited room for growth back in Japan. However, the challenge they will face to gain traction is huge," stated analyst at research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Dominic Sunnebo, as reported by Reuters.

Meanwhile, another key player in the Japanese mobile market made a re-entry into the Eurpean market on Monday with the launch of its Eluga handset.

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