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Google to Preempt Apple with Voice Controlled TV?

When it comes to the future of television, the largest tech companies in the world are stepping up the battle to occupy our living rooms.

The latest news on the matter, arrives in the form of a Google patent filing, which mentions features applicable to a next generation television similar to rival Apple's Siri voice Assistant.

Google's new patent, reported by Patently Apple, will allow Android phone owners to employ voice technology and a cloud based system to look for TV channels. An Android smartphone will be able to communicate with the set top box, smart TV, DVR, and the like.

When a user asks a question like: "What time is the ball game tonight?" the new technology developed by Google will be able to extract the date, time, GPS location, and filter the information, and based on the user's data, display the required answer on the TV screen.

This's not all, the Android phone will be able to set up reminders, jump to the program required by the user if this program has already started, or even record missed shows.

The long-awaited Apple TV is going to have to make an appearance soon, as the cut-throat competition in this area could steal the thunder from Apple's most innovative features. Siri-like functionality and even motion-sensing technology have been rumoured to be part of Apple's revolutionary TV interface.

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