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Google Seeks Permission for Large Antenna Farm in Iowa

Google is reportedly all set to kick start the construction of a large antenna farm in Iowa. The new infrastructure, according to reports, will be primarily aimed at boosting the tech giant's plans to dish out its own high speed Internet service under project Google Fibre.

Apparently, the company is preparing to raise a large number of antennae with direct access to incoming satellite transmissions by using the C-band and Ku-band receive only earth stations.

The primary goal of Google Fibre project is to facilitate superfast gigabit connectivity in the households, business, schools and government offices throughout the world.

The site picked up by the search giant for building this new infrastructure is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. According to experts, the site has been quite strategically chosen by the search giant as it already has a sound presence in the region. The new facility will be built in the adjacent land to one of its existing data centre.

Google had filed an application with the FCC [PDF] last week, requesting for the necessary approval to allow the company to go ahead with its plans to build the new antenna farm.

[Source: VentureBeat]