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Google to Add Google+ Share Button on Search Home Page

Google always maintains a minimalist home page without any extra gizmos or buttons expect the bare essentials. However, the web search giant has decided to make an exception in this rule for Google+, its social networking website.

In the update to be launched very soon, Google has decided to add a share button towards the upper right hand corner of the search page. If clicked, this share button will open a box enabling users to add updates in their Google+ account. However, this feature does not include search results of the users in the update.

During the beginning of this month, the search giant disclosed about the "Google bar" update and this share box is a part of it. Thus, necessarily the share button is migrated from "Google Bar" to the Google homepage, reported Mashable.

Even though this is a minor update, this will be the very first time when Google's homepage will be performing some other function other than just search.

Over the past few years Google has been making a number of changes in its overall operation. However, appearance as well as basic functionality is something the Mountain View based web giant has always maintained. But, the recent developments show that the company is more than willing to experiment with other aspects as well.

[Image Source: eweek]