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Mozilla's Cross-platform App Store Submissions Start Next Week

The Mozilla Foundation has announced that during Mobile World Congress next week, it will open the doors for developers to begin submitting applications to its cross-platform app store.

The call to arms came just a few hours ago, with Mozilla requesting the input of anyone familiar with HTML 5, Java and a good idea for an application. The idea for the store is to allow anyone with any device - as long as it supports the aforementioned technologies - to connect and use the apps from one account.

"The Web is the largest platform in the world. We are enabling the Web to be the marketplace, giving developers the opportunity to play on the biggest playing field imaginable," said Todd Simpson, Mozilla's Chief of Innovation. "By building the missing pieces, Mozilla is now unlocking the potential of the Web to be the platform for creating and consuming content everywhere."

Because it'll be web based, there shouldn't be any issues with compatibility as every OS and browser maker is keen to make use of emerging possibilities with HTML 5, which has already been shown to be an efficient video streaming format, as well as having impressive gaming capabilities.

Due to begin allowing purchases and downloads later this year, the app-store will be built around three distinct goals: An app marketplace geared towards open platforms like HTML 5, Java and CSS, encouragement of new application programming interfaces (API) for standardisation and the tying of apps to users themselves, not the individual devices they use.

More details about this new platform will be revealed at next week's MWC in Barcelona.

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