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Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm Hold Most LTE Patents Claims Study

According to a recent study, Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm have been able to secure most number of patents rights related to Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is the fourth generation of communications network technology.

The study has been conducted by Article One Partners, a global patent research community and Thomson Reuters and according to it the future leaders of the LTE technology are these three companies who have the strongest LTE portfolio.

These three companies together have above 43 per cent of the very essential as well as highly novel patents rights related to LTE. Separately, Nokia has 18.9 per cent, Qualcomm has 12.2 per cent and Samsung Electronics has 12.2 per cent of the total patent portfolio of LTE.

Closely following these three companies are Ericsson and LG Electronics who have 11.6 per cent and 7.5 per cent patents rights, respectively, reported Korea Herald.

According to the co-author of the study, Marshall Phelps, "Major mobile communications companies understand the importance of this as a means to maintain cutting edge technology, specifically around LTE."

In this study researchers reviewed around 3,116 patents and pending patents which have been declared to be essential by European Telecommunications Standards till last September.