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Panasonic rethinks TV sizing strategy

Panasonic has always had a very clear vision of the flat screen TV market. Although the company has a history of producing both plasma and LCD TVs, Panasonic has always maintained the ethos that LCD is the best solution for smaller screens, while large screen TVs benefit from plasma technology.

For a long time that meant that the largest LCD TV in Panasonic's range was 32in, with everything larger being plasma. As Full HD TVs became more prevalent, 37in Panasonic LCDs started to appear, since shrinking plasma chambers to the point that a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution could be achieved in a 37in panel wasn't easy. More recently, 42in Panasonic LCD TVs hit the market too.

Earlier this week, however, at its European Convention in Hamburg, Panasonic announced that the 2012 line of LED backlit LCD TVs will include models up to 55in! That's quite a departure from Panasonic's original TV strategy, but doesn't really come as a surprise.

Regardless of whether you feel that plasma is a better technology for larger screens, the fact remains that many consumers will have decided they want an LCD TV, and if Panasonic can't offer an option that fits those consumers' criteria, then it will lose a sale altogether.

Panasonic said as much during its media presentation on Tuesday, indicating that customer demand had driven the change in strategy. After all, as we all know, the customer is always right.

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