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Samsung's Highly Anticipated S-Cloud Launch Delayed

Due to the growing popularity regarding the usage of cloud storage these days, companies are trying their best to launch their own cloud storage solutions within the marketplace. It appears that Microsoft is currently engaged in developing a cloud storage service of their own, with Apple Inc. also planning to launch their respective offering very soon.

Another competitior looking to try their luck is Samsung, who is also busy trying to launch their cloud storage solution (known as S-Cloud) which is expected to compete with Apple's iCloud. However, according to various sources Samsung's cloud storage offering is already experiencing delays.

The trusted source has provided quite a number of information tidbits about Samsung's new venture. For example, it's reported that Samsung is not completely satisfied with their SDS IT infrastructure division responsible for building the cloud storage network, claiming the work to be unacceptable, as reported by Slash Gear.

The source also claimed that the South Korean tech giant sought assistance of KT to fix various S-Cloud related issues in the hope of rolling this service out soon.