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Steve Jobs Life as a Facebook Timeline

If you ever wanted to be friends with Steve Jobs, unfortunately you've missed your moment. However now you can be friends with his lifetime - on Facebook at least.

A product of fan efforts, the Stevie Paul Jobs account features a timeline of the much lauded Apple CEO, from birth to death and beyond, listing many of his major achievements at Apple, Pixar and before. It's a hefty page so expect some reasonable load times even on a decent connection, but the volume of information is impressive.

It's certainly a little obsessive, but if you found the official biography released shortly after the man's death to be not revealing enough, this timeline offers quite an interesting perspective - providing a good spread of personal details mixed in with his business portfolio.

There are quite a few pictures of Mr Jobs, with moustache and plenty of hair, right through from his early roots to the last few months of his life - giving a surprisingly candid and touching look into the man's comings and goings.

I can't pretend that there isn't a certain creepy element to the whole thing, but it's clearly done with the best intentions so it's hard to vilify it. If you want to learn more about Steve Jobs' life, head here for the official page.

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