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Three wants EU Roaming Data Pricing to be Lowered

Mobile carrier Three has appealed to the UK government to raise its voice in favour of introducing a tougher rule in the European Union to effectively reduce the data roaming charges in the member countries.

The mobile operator, in an open letter to the culture minister Ed Vaizey, argued that the proposed moves by the EU will hardly be of any use in lowering the costs for existing data roaming charges in the region.

Expressing the company's dissatisfaction with EU's proposed Roaming III guidelines, the letter urged Vaizey to propose a new and much lower data-roaming wholesale cap. Communication ministers from across the EU nations are likely to vote on the Roaming III proposals in the weeks to come.

"If the maximum amount one operator can charge another at the wholesale level is limited, competition between operators will lead to lower retail prices for consumers," the open letter suggested.

"If the [Roaming III] proposals become reality, using the internet on your mobile phone in Europe could end up costing more than the trip itself," it continued.

Reacting to the letter, the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) stated that the government is indeed in favour of lowering the wholesale data charges.