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Vodafone adds Phone Charger to Designer Bag

Working together with British designer Richard Nicoll, Vodafone has developed a women's bag that includes the facility to charge a mobile phone while on the go.

Making up part of the 2012 Autumn/Winter collection, the main idea behind the bag was to meld practicality with style. According to Latest Gadgets, it "solved a long-running issue" for women that wanted to use their smartphone on the go. You'd have thought they'd just charge it before leaving the house, but perhaps not.

Nicoll explained: "The recharging bag is especially relevant for my collection this season, because it's about the notion of work and all its facets in modern times. Vodafone has helped bring this idea alive in a way that we never could have done ourselves."

Using magnetics to charge the phone means that users simply slip the handset into the specific charging pocket and off it goes. Apparently the bag holds enough backup power to charge a phone for a couple of days - so around one full charge for most handsets with basic usage. While this is hardly huge, it seems likely that charge capacity needed to be limited to restrict weight. It wouldn't do to have a bag that holds 20 days charge if it weighed several kilos.

Vodafone of course needed to shove someone out in front to comment. The chosen one was UK Director of Brand Marketing, Danielle Crook, who stated: "Our partnership with Richard Nicoll has resulted in a first for the fashion industry and a unique initiative for women everywhere who want to keep connected."

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