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YouPorn Coding Error Exposes Details of a Million Members

Popular pornography streaming website YouPorn has inadvertently exposed the login information of over a million members due to a simple coding flaw.

Discovered and highlighted by Sweden's largest web forum, the exposed information contained usernames, passwords and email addresses - including their sign up date.

According to EuroSecure, the coding gaff was in the form of a publicly accessible URL on YouPorn's chat subdomain, which listed debug logging - and it's been running since 2007. That means if you have an account on that site that was registered after that date, chances are your details were accessible.

In order to mitigate the backlash over the incident, the chat portion of YouPorn is now down, though the site proper still remains online.

While having your email address and possibly name - if you were careless enough to use your main email for porn - linked with this sort of website can be embarrassing for some, it can get much worse. While password security is important, password reuse is perhaps more of a legitimate worry. Apparently a nefarious few have been trawling through the list of emails gathered up in this leak and used them to access not only user's emails, but Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.

If you had an account with YouPorn, it might be a good idea to change all your passwords just in-case. On top of that, look out for any password reset requests in your email. If you get one that you yourself didn't send, it could be that someone is attempting to access your accounts without your permission.

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