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£10 T-Mobile 3G SIM Used To Connect Sony Playstation Vita For 12 Months

A member of Playstation's European forum has come up with a cunning plan to get cheap 3G connectivity for the just launched Sony Playstation Vita portable gaming console.

You will need a microSIM adaptor plus access to an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, which is compulsory because T-Mobile will get the IMEI number at a later stage.

Then go to a T-Mobile store or online, buy one microSIM and top it up with £10 credit. Insert the microSIM into an iPhone 4/4S and call a free landline number to validate the 12 months free internet access.

You ought to get a text confirming the free data allowance, at which point you can remove the microSIM card from the iPhone 4/4S.

Vodafone is the only carrier that supports the 3G Vita officially and buying the console from them means that you can get a free copy of WipEout 2048 when you top up the bundled SIM with £5.

T-Mobile's offer provides you with 500MB per month (or 6GB for the duration of the offer), which is twice what Vodafone is offering and applies only for downloads and video streams but not for casual browsing.

Unfortunately it won't work on a US-based 3G Playstation Vita apparently, because they are locked. You can read a review of the Sony Playstation Vita Wi-Fi gaming console published by our sister website, ITReviews.

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