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ACTA Supporting Romanian Government Uses Cracked Windows Copies?

Despite Romania being more than happy to sign the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - even if the Prime Minster doesn't know why - it looks like the government is still using cracked copies of Microsoft Windows.

Released by Lulzcart - a group that takes a lot of iconographic influence from the now defunct Lulzsec - the revelation came in the form of a simple directory listing from a supposed Romanian government server. One file reads "Windows.Genuine.Cracked" suggesting that an unlicensed copy of Microsoft's operating system was being used on the system.

The Anonymous/Antisec movements have been hitting many European nations hard recently, uncovering not only details about individuals, but defacing websites in response to ACTA support as well as revenge attacks for hacker arrests.

This latest embarrassment for an EU government comes just a few weeks after the Prime Minster of Romania Emil Boc, announced that he had no idea why Romania signed the ACTA treaty. You'd have thought he'd have been involved in that process somehow but perhaps not.

Never mind, he's resigned now anyway, along with a large portion of his cabinet, to "ease the social situation" - referring to protests over austerity measures he introduced in 2010.

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